Alumni Newsletter

Events in the Fall

Brotherhood Retreat

For the third annual brotherhood retreat, we traveled to Dustin Bailey’s property near state college. Unfortunately, we were plagued with rain showers this year. But, with some tarps and twine donated by Dustin’s folks and some MacGyver dexterity, we stayed fairly dry. During the weekend we packed in various events such as, team building activities, capture the flag, pass the gavel, and discussed the upcoming year. Overall is was constructive for everyone in many ways and we already started planning for next years brotherhood retreat!

Parents Weekend

In the fall, we also had our second annual parents weekend in the fall. We had a delicious pot luck dinner supplied by the parents. We shared a presentation, with our parents, about our previous year and had a recent alumni, Sam Schulte, say a few words on how PMD helped him after college. We played yard games and socialized all afternoon and evening with the folks. It was a total success and we hope to do it again next fall!

Jersey Shore Veterans Day Parade

This year, Phi Mu Delta Mu Xi participated in the Jersey Shore Veterans Day Parade once again. We kept it simple this year, we had Dustin Bailey’s truck pulling our patriotic trailer. It was a beautiful fall day and a great success. But next year we’ll have to remember the candy for the kids...

Our New Executive Board

In the Fall we elected our new Executive Board.

  • Anthony Gobbi
  • Christopher Lafey
  • Andrew Brady
  • Evan Moore
  • Colin McOdrum

Events in the Spring

Hepburn Gets Healthy

The purpose of this event is to influence the young of today to get active and develop a healthy life-style. For this event, we set-up the function, ran it, and cleaned it up. The event featured numerous games and activities for the children along with healthy alternative snacks. This opportunity was an amazing, not only for us or the children, but for everyone the fundraiser supported. Our support and enthusiasm made a lasting impression and the Hepburn-Lycoming PTO is forever grateful for our support over the last few years and have already contacted us about events next year.

Camp Victory

For the third year in a row, Phi Mu Delta and the rest of IFC, volunteered at Camp Victory. Camp Victory is a camp for kids and adults who have special needs. This year we, raked leaves, moved stones, piled firewood, spread mulch, and painted picnic tables to prepare the camp for the incoming campers. As always, we enjoyed getting being outside, getting our hands dirty, and helping the community.

Alumni Weekend

The weekend of April 11th, we had our annual Alumni Weekend. We held a brief presentation on campus to update the alumni on our past year and recognized Nick Gaviola for receiving the Kelly Riegal Scholarship. Back at the house we had lunch catered by Acme bbq while brothers and alumni shared stories and played yard games. We also had our business meeting with the alumni, we discussed a variety of topics, from Conclave to a possible alumni weekend in the Fall. All in all is was great time for everyone who came out.

Student Activities Awards Banquet

Again, Phi Mu Delta dominated the SAO Awards Banquet, after a year of hard work. The chapter came home with Chapter of the Year and Outstanding Community Service Program of the Year. A few individual brothers won awards as well. Evan More won Greek New Member of the Year, Antho-ny Gobbi came home with New Student Leader of the Year, and Samuel Scheide came home with Greek Member of he Year. IFC also took home the Outstanding Philanthropy Award. Overall, it was a great success for the Mu Xi Chapter!

Message From a Brother

Phi Mu Delta has had a very large impact on my life in many ways. Whether it is the way I think, believe or act in public, this Fraternity has made me the person that I am today. This is my 4th semester in this Chapter and I have already held a chair position and I am currently on Executive Board as V.P. of Administration. I am study welding here at the college and I have just as much in-spiration in the weld shop as I have in the chapter. There is now five other brothers accompanying myself in the weld shop. Each of them help push me and make me want to excel and be the best stu-dent that I can be. Just as Phi Mu Delta Mu Xi chapter has pushed me to be more open and more acceptable to my local community.

After moving into the Chapter House my ideas and opinions have changed drastically. My closest roommates Eric Mahon and Sam Scheide are the ones who can take most credit for it. Eric, stern yet understanding, is always there to support or critique ideas that need discussing. He is always there to talk about motorcycles, Executive Board, girls, and even the occasional drinking story. Sam, who I cannot express how much he inspires me, pushes me to open my eyes and look at the world at another view. He has made me realize that there are more than two sides to an argument or disagreement. I know Sam will always have something valuable to say and to take directly to heart. These two men are just two small examples of Brothers that have made me a better person.

As, you are reading this you may be thinking that I am just some bright eyed and oblivious person to the world, but if it wasn’t for this college and this Fraternity I could not imagine who I would be without these great men. I was an outcast in high school, bad grades, bad attitude and God awful disrespect to everyone around me. Now I enjoy all company, no matter who it is or what I’m doing. Our service events are exciting and make an obvious impact in the local Williamsport community. Even my grades are on the up, math classes are enjoyable, welding is always fun and I hardly miss any of my classes. I can only give credit to my Brothers for all of this change in my life. Even you Alumni, if it wasn’t for your hard work to keep this Chapter a-float and without the drive to be the best damn Chapter on this campus, I and all of my Bothers would be unguided. So I personally thank you for all you have done for this current Chapter and I will do my best to leave this place even better than I found it.

-Colin McOdrum

Message From the President

Thank you for all the support and help you have provided our Chapter within the last 12 years of operation. After being elected President for the 2015 year, we have grown tremendously, physically and mentally as gentleman. This past semester we have grown this Chapter to 38 members and we have been nothing more than enthused about the 11 new members we have been honored to obtain this semester. We recently have been awarded 5 awards at the Student Organization Banquet including; Outstanding Service Event for Hepburn Gets Healthy, Chapter of the Year and individually Samuel Scheide- Greek Member of the Year, Evan Moore- New Greek Member of the Year and myself Anthony Gobbi- New Student Leader of the Year. Also the IFC won Outstanding Philan-thropy for Man-I-Cures where we raised over $600 between 5 different charities. As gentleman we strive to build a better community while promoting leadership, professionalism and brotherhood. No matter where we are on campus professors and students always seem to stop and acknowledge us for all the hard work we put in to make this school and community a better place. We look forward to this next school year and hope to continue the growth of this chapter with quality men who are willing to live up to our fraternal values. Once again thank you for all your support you have given us.


Anthony Gobbi

Mu Xi Chapter President