Why Us

Our Mission

Founded nationally in 1918 as the first national fraternity to accept men regardless of their race or religious affiliation. Phi Mu Delta has as its mission, to provide a positive fraternity experience for today's college man, encouraging high personal standards, morally, mentally, and spiritually, and, to help its members live the ideals of our founders: democracy, brotherhood and service.

Our Values

Phi Mu Delta was formed during a time when the world was changing quickly. With the First World War in Europe coming to a close, the United States was committed to spreading democracy in order to avoid further wars and bloodshed. For the first time, colleges and universities were seeing a diverse population of students with varied backgrounds, beliefs and social statuses. Phi Mu Delta sought to embrace these changes and was the first Fraternity to accept men of any religious faith, ethnic background, or sociology-economic position. We are proud to continue this tradition of inclusion and maintaining a Fraternity for all men who commit themselves to our values and vision.

The foremost ideal of any Fraternity is the strength of brotherhood. Phi Mu Delta is committed to creating a Brotherhood which is highly inclusive and diverse. This diversity creates strong chapters who engage our members to grow intellectually, socially and as citizens of the world. Our associations challenge us to make the best of ourselves and the community around us. With over 18,000 initiates from over 35 countries, Phi Mu Delta is truly an international Brotherhood.
All Fraternities are committed to serving others. In Phi Mu Delta we expect our members and chapters to be the community leaders in the area of service. We are committed to all organization who seek to make the world a safer and better place. Our members will be found "getting their hands dirty" working with homeless shelters, food banks, after-school programs and building new homes for the disadvantaged.
We all strive to create a world that offer equal opportunities for all. Phi Mu Delta recognizes that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect. In order to have a just world, we must create opportunities for people to achieve their goals and live their dreams. The Fraternity needs to supplement the academic experience to help our members understand differences, embrace change and offer outlets for self-improvement. We seek to be truly inclusive and honor the attributes that a member brings to the organization.

Founders Creed

I Believe In...

A democracy characterized by the practice of justice in every relation of life. I hold that justice is the foremost principle to be considered in making my decisions as a voting member of Phi Mu Delta, the student body, and as a citizen of the United States. I believe in that broad conception of democracy which seeks freedom of opportunity, and recognizes no color, race, creed, or position.
Service to the college; service to every group organized for the common good; service to the individual. I believe in service defined in the terms of voluntary sacrifice for the welfare of those with whom I come in contact.
Brotherhood that reaches beyond the limits of Phi Mu Delta and welcomes every man as my Brother. I believe in the intrinsic worth of the man at my side, and in his ability to make good and justify my faith in him. I hold these beliefs as my profound conviction, and I pledge my fellow men to live up to them to the best of my ability.